Reasons to get an Appraisal with Real Estate Appraisal Services of Wisconsin

Real Estate Appraisal Services of Wisconsin understands the importance of appraisals in various real estate transactions. While they are commonly associated with buying and selling properties, there are numerous other situations where the expertise of a certified, licensed, and independent real estate professional can prove invaluable. Here are some key reasons to consider getting an appraisal:

Investing in residential property

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Purchase of a Home:

When buying a property, it's crucial to have an accurate understanding of its market value. By obtaining a professional appraisal report from a qualified and state-licensed appraiser, you can make an informed offer and ensure you're paying a fair price.

Refinance or Home Equity Loan:

If you're looking to refinance your mortgage or obtain a home equity loan to consolidate bills, pay for college tuition, or access your home's equity, a new appraisal is often required to determine the property's current value.

PMI Removal:

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) can become unnecessary once the loan-to-value ratio falls below 80%. Appraisers offer specific services to help homeowners determine if they have met the 80% loan-to-value metric. By providing a statement of home value, they can assist in challenging the need for PMI payments, potentially saving homeowners money in the long run.

Divorce Settlement:

Appraisals play a vital role in divorce cases where the fate of the marital home needs to be determined. An appraisal provides an objective assessment of the property's market value, helping both parties make fair decisions regarding selling the home or conducting a buyout.

Estate Liquidation:

Settling an estate often involves appraising residential properties to establish their fair market value. Appraisals assist in determining the true value of the estate, facilitating equitable arrangements among disputing parties during the process of asset distribution.


Real Estate Appraisal Services of Wisconsin understands the challenges associated with employee relocations. They prioritize convenience and encourage input from relocating employees during the appraisal inspection to consider relevant neighborhood information and recent sales or listings.

Home Improvements to Add Value:

When considering selling your home, appraisals can help you make informed decisions about renovations and improvements that can positively impact its value. Appraisers provide insights into which enhancements are likely to yield the best return on investment, guiding homeowners in setting an appropriate selling price.

Selling a Home:

Whether selling independently or with the assistance of a real estate agent, obtaining a professional appraisal can help you determine a fair and competitive selling price. Unlike real estate agents, appraisers have no vested interest in the sales price, ensuring unbiased information to support your decision-making.

Real Estate Appraisal Services of Wisconsin offers reliable valuation services with fees based on the efforts required to complete the appraisal report, not a percentage of the sales price. Their expertise can assist homeowners in making well-informed choices and maximizing the value of their real estate investment